Don't think outside the box!


It’s probably the atheist’s biggest commandment
Just don’t do it! It will be too painful. No, really it will.

Who or what caused the big bang? Don’t go there!
Because if you do you will arrive at a rather uncomfortable conclusion. Something or someone must have caused the claimed big bang (given that almost every these days has dismissed the notion of an eternal universe). But what or who?
Call it Blob. Fine – but blob must be eternal! And as you haven’t found or spoken to blob you are (if you dare to be honest) truly exercising some faith in him/her/it! You must – because you have no hard undisputable evidence!

Where did information come from? Don’t go there either!
Information is a fascinating thing because it is not material. Of course, it can be displayed on materials things … like this video is on your machine … but the information is not material itself. But without it, nothing would be!
Take the word “dog” … now you heard me say that … sound waves vibrating at certain frequencies … but it’s now stored on your machine … but it could have been written down …. I could have said “Chien” (French for dog). It is communicated or recorded in different ways but the information is more than the material carrier. It’s the same with DNA.
But here’s the question: if information is immaterial … how does the atheist fit that into her box? She most probably holds to the presupposition of a purely material world!

And what about the universal virus that has messed up the world?
Only a tiny few people dare to think that all is fine and dandy in the world. The quick retort is to claim that religion is in fact the problem – but that just begs the question: where did the virus that caused religion come from?
Of course we could also attempt to see that the virus is a mere illusion: good and evil are simply mistaken categories as there is no “god” to rule the universe. OK, so don’t ever say anything is wrong with the world! Don’t ever claim I am part of the problem!
I bet if I punched you on the nose you’d want to change your mind.

Atheism can work … but only within a clearly marked box.